The Management Committee

The Management Committee oversees the society's strategy. Their role is to consider the big picture, to run the AGM and other meetings, and to act as final arbiter in cases of dispute. They approve the society's handbook and work closely with other national volunteers on specific projects.

Each member of the Management Committee has a specific role with responsibility for a given area of the Society's activities.

  • President
  • Pam M

  • Secretary
  • Jo Tory

  • Storytelling
  • Mark

  • Events and Games
  • Vacant

  • Marketing and Recruitment
  • Ailsa

  • Retention, Conduct and Complaints
  • Vacant

  • Treasurer
  • Andrew Porter

Auxiliary roles

These roles operate at national level, but report to the relevant Management Committee member. If this is not clear from the role title, it will be the Secretary.

  • Social Media
  • Amy Gee

  • Website Team
  • Lizz Jennings

    Bob Faulkner

Coordinator Chain - Domain

Domain Coordinator (DC)

DCs are responsible for the out of character aspects of local games - room bookings, collecting money, maintaining good behaviour standards and liaising with members of the public where necessary. They may have one or more assistants with responsibility for particular games or aspects of the role.

  • Blackburn DC
  • terence parkinson

  • Cambridge DC
  • Vacant

  • Hertfordshire DC
  • Vacant

  • Kent DC
  • Cat Dennis

  • London DC
  • Neill Cram

    Pam M

  • Manchester DC
  • Vacant

  • Norwich DC
  • Vacant

  • Online DC
  • Vacant

  • Scotland DC
  • Rick MacLennan

  • Wiltshire DC
  • Lizz Jennings

Storyteller Chain - National

Management Committee: Storytelling (MCST)

The MCST is responsible for maintaining a balanced game world. This includes writing and updating the Universal Addendum, managing areas of the game world that aren't covered by a Genre in play, or a Domain (areas not covered by a Domain are known as "Dark Places on the Map", or DPotM for short). This includes shared aspects of play such as the Underworld and Mortals.

  • Storytelling
  • Mark

Storyteller Chain - Genre

Genre Storyteller (GST)

GSTs are responsible for a specific genre. This includes writing the Addendum for the genre, writing and deploying national plotkits and working with Local Storytellers to ensure a consistent national feel. They are often Lead ST at national events, and will have a hand in their planning. They often have assistants with responsibility for a specific aspect of play.

  • Awakening GST
  • Amy Gee

  • Forsaken GST
  • Jamie Smith

  • Lost GST
  • Andrew Moran

  • Other GST
  • Vacant

  • Requiem GST
  • Nick Lambourn

  • Vigil GST

Storyteller Chain - Domain

Domain Storyteller (DST)

DSTs coordinate the setting for all the games in a Domain. This includes having oversight of genres not played in the area, and ensuring communication between Local Storytellers when considering cross-genre interaction.

  • Blackburn DST
  • James Healey

  • Cambridge DST
  • Vacant

  • Hertfordshire DST
  • Fran

  • Kent DST
  • Laura Mason

  • London DST
  • Vacant

  • Manchester DST
  • Vacant

  • Norwich DST
  • Vacant

  • Online DST
  • Vacant

  • Scotland DST
  • Vacant

  • Wiltshire DST
  • Lizz Jennings

Storyteller Chain - Local Games

Local Storyteller (LST)

LSTs are responsible for running the local games in their specific Genre and Domain. They respond to downtimes and run regular games, usually on a monthly basis. They may have assistants to help run larger games or deal with specific aspects of play.


  • Blackburn Requiem LST
  • James Healey

  • Blackburn Werewolf the Apocalypse LST
  • James Healey

  • Blackburn Lost LST
  • Aura Hazel


  • Cambridge Requiem LST
  • Vacant

  • Cambridge Lost LST
  • Vacant


  • Hertfordshire Awakening LST
  • Vacant

  • Hertfordshire Forsaken LST
  • Ross_E

  • Hertfordshire Lost LST
  • Vacant

    Assistant: Ross_E

    Assistant: Neill Cram


  • Kent Requiem LST
  • Bob Faulkner

    Cat Dennis

    Dani Shalet

  • Kent Lost LST
  • Andrew Moran


  • London Awakening LST
  • Mark

  • London Forsaken LST
  • Vacant

  • London Lost LST
  • Rosa Wolfe


  • Manchester Requiem LST
  • Vacant

  • Manchester Lost LST
  • Vacant


  • Norwich Awakening LST
  • Vacant

  • Norwich Forsaken LST
  • Vacant

  • Norwich Lost (Non-Chronicle) LST
  • Vacant


  • Devon Requiem LST
  • Vacant

  • Devon Forsaken LST
  • Vacant

  • Devon Lost LST
  • Jo Tory

  • Devon Awakening LST
  • Vacant

  • Devon Vigil LST
  • Vacant


  • Scotland Requiem LST
  • Caroline Walker

  • Scotland Awakening LST
  • Vacant

  • Scotland Lost LST
  • Vacant


  • Wiltshire Lost (Non-Chronicle) LST
  • Lizz Jennings

    Assistant: Jennifer

  • Wiltshire The Barrens LST
  • Andrew Hawkins

    Randal Jack

  • Wiltshire Dresden Files LST