Online games

How do I join online games?

Isles of Darkness runs an Online Domain which use IRC to provide an online roleplaying environment. If you want to join the Society, but don't have a game near you, you can join the Online Domain and engage in these games. Games are run on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) which is a network of servers that let you chat in Channels. For our games, these are set up by the Storytellers and provide spaces in which your character can interact with the game.


The Foremost Policy

The IRC rules are not intended to outline every possible do and don't of IoD IRC. Just because the rules don't specifically say you can't, it does not mean that you can. When in doubt ask an op. Ops will work with members within reason.

The Rest of the Rules

  1. Obey the Conduct Policy (detailed in the Handbook).
  2. Intolerance will not be tolerated. This includes any and all discriminatory remarks based on race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc.
  3. Be aware that some people may be at work, or in a public place. As a general rule of thumb - if you wouldn't do it or say it in public at a game, don't do it in-channel. This rule applies to IC channels as well as OOC channels; please remember that you can use private messages or private rooms if in doubt.
  4. Idlers/Clones are allowed.
  5. Prospective members are welcome to join the #IoD channel for recruitment purposes, they can stay for a period of 2 months before joining the group. This does not cover expelled or suspended members, nor those who have left the group.
  6. Do not ask where you can obtain illegal copies of copyright material (PDFs of RP books for example), nor offer to distribute them
  7. Be considerate of others. Give people time to respond and be courteous.
  8. Keep conflict In Character (IC). If your character and another's are conflicting, keep up an OOC dialogue ensuring that the players aren't taking it personally. Text chat doesn't convey emotion well, so ensure you've understood the sense of someone's statement before getting upset. Ask in an OOC channel if you aren't sure.

Guidelines and resources

Online Domain and Games

Guidelines for Good Online RP

IRC Commands

IRC Combat

IRC Clients

(This is not an exhaustive list, just a list of some of the more popular clients on each platform. For more detailed, in-depth comparison of IRC clients see this Wikipedia list )

For those using IRC for the first time we recommend starting off with the web-based clients and picking up one of the other clients later on when you feel more confident.

Web-based clients





Using IRC

Use your IRC client to connect to and then join the #IoD channel.

For more in depth information including instructions on registering nicknames and channels, see our guide to IRC Commands for details.


Social channel:

  • #IoD - The main sanctioned channel for use by Isles of Darkness members only.

Game channels:

  • Awakening: #devon_awakening_ooc
  • Forsaken: #devon_forsaken_ooc
  • Lost: #devon_lost_ooc
  • Requiem: #devon_requiem_ooc

Channel volunteers

  • Online Domain Coordinator: gremlinjo
  • Online Domain Storyteller Bob
  • IRC Ops: You can identify an operator (op) by the @ sign before their nickname