AGM 2017 Minutes

  1. Adam Ottaway (AO) opened and thanked everyone for coming
  2. The 2016 Minutes were ratified and approved
  3. A Vote was held to elect Pam M to the Board - this passed 24/0/0
  4. The votes for the 3 motions were counted and announced:
    1. AGM Motion 1 - Membership. Passed 34/7/2
    2. Dissolution Clause. Passed 37/2/3
    3. Top Level Structure. Passed 32/2/5
  5. Closing Statements from the Board
    1. Andrew Porter said he would work with the current team during the Treasurer handover
    2. Caroline F thanked the membership for pitching in with events
  6. AOB was opened
    1. Nick L asked about the situation with the GSTS, specifically the Awakening GST position and the Requiem GST position.
    2. Nick L asked for a public List and breakdown of job descriptions, with AO to action