IRC Commands

More detailed instructions for each client can be found with a simple google, but most clients with a graphical user interface (everything on the list aside from irssi and ircII, and I wouldn't recommend these unless you already have quite a good grasp of how programs work) follow the same rules.

Getting connected

  • Firstly, download and install your program from one of the links on this page (or elsewhere if you've got a different program you'd like to use). Have a look at screenshots first if you like, to try and find the program you're most comfortable using.
  • Run the program. Some will bring up the options menu when you first run them, as you must have a nickname and real name specified before you can connect to a server. Fill these fields (you may like to use your nickname as your "real name" for privacy, just so long as you fill the box it'll work fine).
  • Once you've filled in the information it needs, you need to find where it specifies which server to connect to. There's usually a dropdown box, in which case you need to find the Darkmyst server on it. If there's just a field to fill in, you need to specify "".
  • If it asks you for a channel to join on connect, then put #IoD, if not then just hit connect and you should see a status window filling up with some text including the server message of the day and rules. If you weren't asked for a channel name before connecting, in this status window type "/join #IoD" to join the #IoD channel.

That's pretty much it! You should hopefully be connected and in-channel. There are a few things you may also need to know which I've listed below, but the above is all the basic information you need to get onto IRC and talking to people.

Joining and leaving channels

To join a channel, use the command:

/join <channel>

For example:

/join #iod

To leave a channel, use the command:


Registering a nickname

It is usually a good idea to register your nickname, this means that nobody else can use it, and also that you can be added to the access lists on channels (to be granted +o or +v). To register your nickname, use the command:

/msg nickserv register <password> <email address>

then, once you've done that, you'll need to login every time you connect using the command:

/msg nickserv identify <password>


To emote, type:

/me <action>

for example:

/me waves!

results in:

* Er00 waves!


To private message (PM) someone, you can usually just double-click on their nickname, or right click and pick "query" or "PM" or "message". If neither of those approaches work, you can use:

/q <their nickname>

to open a query window with them in which you can PM, or use:

/msg <their nickname>

to message them without necessarily opening a new window (window management depends heavily on which client you're using).


To find out information about someone, right click their name and pick "whois", or double click in a query window with them, or type:

/whois <their nickname>

this brings back information in this form:

[darkmyst] -!- Er00 []
[darkmyst] -!-  ircname  : er00
[darkmyst] -!-  channels : +#iod
[darkmyst] -!-  server   : [solarspeed -]
[darkmyst] -!-           : has identified for this nick
[darkmyst] -!- End of WHOIS

You can also use:

/whois <their nickname> <their nickname>

to bring back more information about their idle time (time since last action on the server):

[darkmyst] -!- Er00 []
[darkmyst] -!-  ircname  : er00
[darkmyst] -!-  channels : +#iod
[darkmyst] -!-  server   : [solarspeed -]
[darkmyst] -!-           : has identified for this nick
[darkmyst] -!-  idle     : 0 days 0 hours 3 mins 54 secs [signon: Wed Jan  7 15:43:00 2009]
[darkmyst] -!- End of WHOIS

If you have any issues or questions about the above, please email for assistance.