IRC Combat

Preparing for combat

IRC Combat can be very slow to resolve - there are a few things you can do to make the session move along quickly:

  • Make sure you have your character sheet to hand, and know what your main dice pools will be. It may help to make a separate note of what you plan to use, including powers, buffs and any equipment bonuses.
  • Make sure the ST has a copy of your character sheet. You should do this anyway, but if you are focused on the social game, it is easy to forget.
  • Try to respond quickly when it's your turn. Everyone has net issues from time to time - do say if your connection seems slow or flaky as others will then know to wait for you. Make sure you let people know if you are taking time to do something - they can't see what you are doing, so you need to keep the dialogue flowing.
  • Ask questions if you're not sure - it's often more effective to ask than to spend a long while silently looking things up.
  • Consider whether the challenge can be resolved cinematically - this is especially effective if two characters are "sparring". One way to give this flavour is to run a fixed number of challenges in the dice room (e.g. three Strength + Brawl challenges) to get an overall dynamic of the fight, before running a descriptive version with details in the IC channel.
  • Take the action to a side room if you aren't already away from the main room. Sometimes this isn't appropriate, but often this allows uninvolved players to continue their game while the challenges are being resolved. You can come back and tell the tales afterwards, which gets everyone involved in the action as much as they need or want to be.

Rolling dice

Games usually have a "dice channel". These have a diceroller tool available, so that dice rolls are made in plain view of the ST. You must use the diceroller tool so that the outcome can be observed.

  • First state your action and the dice pool you are using. If it contains things that other players shouldn't know, let the ST know privately.
  • Rolls are made using the command: `roll Xd10 where X is the number of dice (your dice pool)
  • If you roll any 10s, do a second roll: `roll Yd10 where Y is the number of 10s you got.
  • An initiative roll is always `roll 1d10 which is then added to your initiative modifier.

Note: the "backtick" at the beginning of the command. This is on the button to the left of the 1 on most keyboards (left of the Z on a Mac).


When displaying initiatives in your nick, they go in square brackets at the beginning of your name. Always use double-digit numbers even if your initiative is under 10.

i.e. [10]Nathan or [07]Jane but not [8]Dave

Describing your actions

The dice channel is just for running the numbers on a challenge. You also need to describe the action in the channel your character is in once you've worked out the outcome.

It's OK to discuss this Out of Character in the dice room, particularly if you want to agree how something will look with the ST or other participants.