At the moment, the process for approvals is:

  1. Check with the appropriate addenda as to the Approval Level. If it is LST Approval, a quick conversation with your LST will suffice.

  2. If the item requires further approval, you will need to write an email containing:

    • What the approval is for

    • Why you want the item/power

    • How your character is obtaining the item/power

    • And anything else you feel appropriate to support your request

  3. The email recipients are determined as follows:

    • DST Approval: Send to your LST and your DST. If the approval requires communication with other LSTs, the DST will do that.

    • GST Approval: Send to your LST and the appropriate GST.

    • UST Approval: Send to your LST, the appropriate GST, and the UST.

It is likely that the higher level people in the chain will not respond until the lower levels have had a chance to have input, although that isn't a hard and fast rule.