The Awakened have remarkable capabilities only a thought away. The Arcana can reshape the world, and let the Awakened leave their mark on this Fallen World. What will you do with this Power? Will you try to open the eyes of the sleeping world to the Truth? Will you explore ancient ruins or bizarre other worlds? Will you use it to gain riches and influence, or better the lot of humanity? The choice is yours, as are the consequences. 


With Power comes the ability to reshape the world. And with the ability to reshape the world comes a detachment from the rest of humanity. How do you temper the Obsession, the Power and your own humanity? And when you start solving every problem with magic, have you ascended or fallen? Many of the key questions in Awakening are not “what can I do?” but rather “what should I do?” 


Mages are obsessed with the Supernal. They live in a world they know to be a Lie, but with every glimpse of the Supernal Truth hidden within it they come to better understand both what has been lost and what they can be. It is this driving need to understand the world around them that makes them seek out Atlantis, to entreat with strange and powerful beings, and to wage a war over whether or not Magic should be available to all. The Awakened burn brightly in their obsession, sometimes illuminating those around them, sometimes creating an inferno that consumes all in their wake. 

Who watches the Watchmen?

Britain is the most Surveilled Nation on the Planet. The Panopticon have risen in power and now have their insidious tendrils in many innocuous aspects of everyday life. But more than that, the Guardians of the Veil keep an eye on their allies to prevent abyssal incursions. And worse, your colleagues may well be willing to do whatever they need to fulfil their own Obsession, at whatever price to you. Mage is a world where nothing is as it seems, and everything seems magical.
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