Being a vampire makes you a hunter of


But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing hunting


Mankind claims to rule the world,

but kindred are predators of mankind,

a step above them on the pyramid.

There are some who call them parasites, though.  Leeches.

For a decade, no vampire has been entirely sure that they’d wake again

next evening, as war swept through the kindred population of

Britain, Hunters picked off those who betrayed their

existence to mortals and stranger things preyed

on any left alone in the shadows.

Now, finally, the war is over and the all-night society crawls out of its own ruins,

trying to rebuild a Requiem that will make death worth living again,

a domain to support their ideologies and, most of all,

something to keep them safe while they hunt.


A new Requiem awaits.


What will you make of it?


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