London Lost game sessions


January 2018

Sat 06 Jan 18 19:30 - Sat 06 Jan 18 22:30


December 2017

Sat 02 Dec 17 19:30 - Sat 02 Dec 17 22:30

November 2017

Sat 04 Nov 17 19:30 - Sat 04 Nov 17 22:30

August 2017

Sat 05 Aug 17 19:30 - Sat 05 Aug 17 22:30

July 2017

Sat 01 Jul 17 19:30 - Sat 01 Jul 17 22:30

June 2017

Sat 03 Jun 17 19:30 - Sat 03 Jun 17 22:30

May 2017

Sat 06 May 17 19:30 - Sat 06 May 17 22:30

April 2017

Sat 01 Apr 17 19:30 - Sat 01 Apr 17 22:30

March 2017

Sun 19 Mar 17 18:30 - Sun 19 Mar 17 21:30

February 2017

Sat 04 Feb 17 19:30 - Sat 04 Feb 17 22:30

January 2017

Sat 07 Jan 17 19:30 - Sat 07 Jan 17 22:30


December 2016

Sat 03 Dec 16 19:30 - Sat 03 Dec 16 22:30

November 2016

Sat 05 Nov 16 19:30 - Sat 05 Nov 16 22:30

October 2016

Sat 01 Oct 16 19:30 - Sat 01 Oct 16 22:30

September 2016

Sat 03 Sep 16 19:30 - Sat 03 Sep 16 22:30

Lost of London,


It is the month of September, and thus it is time for the election of the position of Librarian of London.


As such, I invite you all to join me at Silver's, who have agreed to host this fine occasion, where we can let democracy do its fine work.


In addition, as is becoming a tradition, I will also be using this time as an information sharing session, so that we may all join together our knowledge of any situations current in our fair Barony, not least of all the ongoing issue of Weyland Morgan and their associates. I will also be available, as the incumbent Librarian, to answer any and all questions you may have of the past year, or beyond.


With regards,


Librarian of London


August 2016

Sun 14 Aug 16 18:30 - Sun 14 Aug 16 21:30

July 2016

Sat 02 Jul 16 18:00 - Sat 02 Jul 16 22:00

Baron Winthrop is offering Rochester House as a place to gather, but isn't explicitly hosting.

June 2016

Sat 04 Jun 16 19:30 - Sat 04 Jun 16 22:30
To the Free Lost of the Barony of London and Honoured Guests,
If I may Humbly beg your attention,
Summer is here and as such I would like to invite you to the Barony Commons for a Summer Fayre and an Evening of Games.
Aye ye hear me right, Games!
In the Spirit of the Brotherhood of Summer this be a Team effort. Teams must be made up of at least 3 Lost but can be up to 5. Some Games will need all of the Team, in others ye may have to choose one of the Team to "Play".
For those of Ye that do not want to take up these Challenges, Food and Drink will be available.
If ye want to play I suggest that ye wear something ye don't mind getting dirty,
Yours Humbly,
Marshal Humble Merrows,

May 2016

Sat 30 Apr 16 19:30 - Sat 30 Apr 16 22:30

London's final gathering of Spring is upon us - the season is indeed fleeting. We'd like to take a moment to indulge in considering the season itself, and invite London residents and visitors alike to join us in this. The Friends of Silver have kindly offered Silver's as a venue for the gathering.

The Conclave of Aspiration is an ancient ritual centering on the theme of desire. There are a number of forms - I believe an alternate version may be performed in Hertfordshire later this month. However, the core of the ritual is to encourage participants to both consider their own desires and help others achieve their desires.

This is a time to reflect on what you want - and consider whether what you desire is something you wish to actually strive to obtain.

The form we'll be hosting in London focuses very much on the social aspect of Spring. It consists simply in sharing one or more desires with others. The format is relatively informal - no big announcement to the group will be required, for those of you who are shy. Instead it will be an ongoing discussion throughout the evening, in written or verbal form, as desired by the individual participants. We encourage everyone to take some time to consider what they desire, whether or not they believe they can - or should - obtain it.

The second part of the ritual a task of helping others - another aspect of the season. There is a pledge associated with the ritual and those who take the pledge must, at some point during the following season, make a substantial effort to help another achieve a desire.

So please, we invite you all to join us in seeing out the season.



Bodhisattva Aurelia

Sylvan Emissary

April 2016

Sat 02 Apr 16 19:30 - Sat 02 Apr 16 22:30

March 2016

Fri 04 Mar 16 19:30 - Fri 04 Mar 16 22:30

Part 1:

Free Lost of London,


We recently lost three of our own. 

Wodehouse, Patrick Skynner and Jackie Kruste.

They fell defending all of us from the Loyalist threat.

Words are inadequate to describe our loss. Each of them was dearly loved and a valued member both of their motleys and of the Barony and Freehold. They were all fierce warriors and loyal friends.

We ask you to join us in honouring their memories at a wake on Saturday, 5 March. All Free Lost are welcome.



Fianna Briugu and The Ties That Bind motleys



Part 2:

Free Lost of London,


The London Magistrates of the Wax Mask are saddened sad to hear of the passing of former Warden Wodehouse, Patrick Skynner and Jacqueline Kruste. They were all valued and well-regarded members of the Barony of London and will be greatly missed.

Life, as ever, goes on, and the position of Chamberlain is due for re-election at the first gathering of Spring. The voting for this will take place at the gathering on Saturday 5th March.


Yours faithfully,


Secretary Drummond

Private Secretary to Baron Winthrop

Magistrate of the Wax Mask


January 2015

Sat 06 Feb 16 19:30 - Sat 06 Feb 16 23:30

To my fellow Free Lost,


As I am sure you know, the Winter Market is a nice tradition where my court offers gentlefolks a chance to buy and sell useful things and baubles without having to venture into those nasty thorns to brave the whimsy of goblins, those spiteful little buggers.

This year I am arranging it as a little get together in London on Saturday the sixth of February. It would be delightful to see you lovelies there. Secretary Edwards, one of those lovely wax-masked fellows in London, will be announcing the exact location, but I wanted to tell you all about it myself now, as that gives some of you a chance to see if you have anything you've found, or perhaps would like to make, that you would like to bring along to sell. That would be very nice!

Stay safe my dears,

Missus Thrice

Winter Monarch of the Freehold of the East



Hi all,

This is a heads up that the London Lost February game will be a feature game, and will be based around a Winter Market. If you would like your character to make anything to bring along to sell, please let me know the details as soon as you can. If you are able to provide props that would be awesome too!

So, the February London Lost game involves the Winter Market. There will be things to buy and trade. I have spent far too long tinkering with prices and exchange rates in preparation. There are a few things that I'd just like to mention ahead of time so that people can plan accordingly:
  • It is not a Goblin Market, and cash is quite acceptable. The Resources merit will give you a certain amount of buying power on the day (this is being represented through abstract points rather than trying to actually assign prices).
    • For those of you already reaching for a Pledge-based Resources blessing, that's legit, but I will only accept carefully-thought out pledges that have been worked out ahead of the game and that have a genuine vow at their heart. Please send me the details ahead of the game, as I won't have time to help people craft pledges on the night.
  • Bartering items is also acceptable. 
  • Trades between players can be negotiated however those involved see fit.
  • It's better to offer preserved Goblin Fruit, as the fresh ones go off very quickly; the Winter NPC vendors might only accept so many fresh fruits before refusing any more, as they won't be able to preserve them all 
    • Want to know how to preserve Goblin Fruit? It's an Int + Crafts extended DT action (3 rolls), each success preserving 1 fruit. You can't preserve more than you had left over after a single specific game, although you can take a DT action to gather 3 more and attempt to preserve those as well. Remember your fruit carry cap though!
  • You can also buy things by pledging a favour to a seller. In the case of the NPC vendors, this will be a season-long pledge to the Winter Monarch, and as they will count towards her limit of vows, only so many of these opportunities will be available. She may ask you about your abilities before agreeing to such a trade to see if Winter will have a use for you...
Here is a summary of the pricing categories and other rules:
If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know.


January 2015

Sat 05 Dec 15 19:30 - Sat 05 Dec 15 22:30

To the Free Lost of London,

Winter is here, and therefore the position of Warden is now due for re-election. 
Baron Winthrop has offered Rochester House in Hampstead as a secure location for a gathering this Saturday evening, the fifth of December.
Any resident of London may put themselves forwards as a candidate for Warden, and any resident of London who attends the gathering is allowed to cast a vote.
There are no doubt other matters which need to be discussed. I would appreciate it if any of the council or other attendees who have particular issues they wish to raise notify me ahead of time so that I may facilitate discussion and organisation.
Visitors from other Baronies and Freeholds are, as ever, welcome to attend and assist.
Yours faithfully,
Secretary Edwards
Assistant to the Warden of London
Magistrate of the Wax Mask

November 2015

Fri 06 Nov 15 19:30 - Fri 06 Nov 15 22:30

Free Lost of London,

I have been made aware that there have recently been some visitors to our London gatherings who claimed to be loyal servants of an enemy; in this case the entity known to us as the Queen of Hearts, who several within London were once in the thrall of. This is obviously a matter of some concern.
I believe a gathering of the council is called for to discuss these events with any Free Lost who care to attend. We can share knowledge with each other and formulate a plan in case of any future enemy action. I propose that we meet at Rochester House, which is one of our less public and more secure locations. Hopefully this will prevent any unwelcome visitations.
On a separate note, there was also the recent re-signing of the treaty of Ely, at which I am sure there were many interesting developments. I am eagerly awaiting the final text of the treaty, which I hope will be available before we meet. I think that this gathering would also be an ideal opportunity to discuss the new treaty, along with any other events which took place that weekend.
As ever, Free Lost visitors from other baronies or freeholds are welcome to attend and lend their knowledge and assistance.

Yours faithfully,
Baron Benjamin Winthrop

January 2015

Sat 03 Oct 15 19:30 - Sat 03 Oct 15 22:30
Hi guys,
So, I had a word with some of the more chanting and runes inclined of us, as it were, and we think we've figured out something that might help us with our royal pain. Plus, it should be loads of fun.
See below for more details, explained way better than I could dream of by my secretary. 
See you at Skynner and Kruste's!
Free Lost of London,
Last month the Barony of London received a message from one of Them. Complying with the demands is, of course, out of the question, and each of the Courts in London has been tasked to make preparations according to their individual strengths.
The Spring Court will be doing what we do best - hosting a party and throwing our defiance in the teeth of our enemies. This is a revel - there will be plenty of drink available, so please come prepared to enjoy.
Archivist Moira has kindly provided us with the details of an ancient rite, Saint Wilhemina's Cornucopia. Participation in this rite will strengthen those who take part, giving us power to resist the True Fae and their servants. 
The theme of the rite is displays of excessive wealth. By showing how much we have that we can fritter it away with impunity. We have enough money that we can afford to gamble. So much food and drink that we can indulgently celebrate. So much luck that we do not need to shepherd it for a rainy day. It's about frivolity and gambling things away because you can afford to lose them. The ritual demonstrates that we have power and strength and refuse to fear the True Fae - because we are strong enough that we can not only fight them but also throw away some of our resources on trivial games.
What happens:
Everyone who participates offers something in exchange for a couple of chips, which they can use to gamble on a game - there will be a few provided - or any other bet they care to make.
What you can offer - Hedge fruit. Money. Items you've made. Promises of future service. Basically, anything you have an excess of, however you wish to define it. In exchange you get a couple of chips (though you can do this multiple times to get more chips if you wish). 
Then you bet a chip to play a game (or more, if you like). Win or lose, the point is to take part - the goal isn't to gain but to demonstrate the fact that you can afford not to care. People with chips left can keep playing. At the end of the night, everything contributed will be distributed among whoever's got chips.
The magic:
The power of the rite takes the form of a pledge - there are both Vow and Oath versions specific to this rite. Both offer the same benefit, but the Oath version is a show of dedication to the season of Spring for those who feel that suits them. 
The pledge grants a blessing of confidence, which will strengthen your will against the Gentry and their servants.
The Vow last a season; it requires an endeavour to participate in the rite, and another endeavour that, for the duration, you must share your wealth with those who also took this pledge, not refusing any request (unless it would leave you no longer wealthy as a result). 
The Oath is a one-sided pledge upon your emblem of Spring. It also lasts a season, and likewise involves the same endeavour to participate in the rite. It also carries a forbiddance that no request of charity can be refused for the duration (again, unless it would leave you no longer wealthy as a result).
Breaching either pledge will result in poisoning of the boon, with a consequent weakening of will.
All are welcome to participate in the rite, regardless of whether they take up the pledge. We hope to see as many of you there  as possible, from London and elsewhere, enjoying the revel.
Your faithful servant,
Secretary Howell
Assistant to Chamberlain Jude
OOC note - the mechanics of the pledge are below for reference. The wording will be available to study. Please assume that there aren't significant loopholes, 'gotchas'. etc. We want people to feel free to participate and have fun, not worry this will be somehow used against them. The 'charity' element should be understood to recognise that wealth includes time as well as resources. Requests that would significantly impact your ability to achieve other goals would generally be refusable without breaking the Pledge.
Additional IC message:
While I am certain that we'll all want to spend most of out time enjoying the Chamberlain's party and the ritual, I'd like to suggest that it would be a good opportunity for individuals from the Freehold of the East to have a bit of a conversation about the upcoming treaty negotiations. We have a few active Baronies, so a little coordination may be in order - both to discover who is interested in being a delegate and to identify any issues which need to be raised, whether or not the individual raising them will actually be on the delegation. Or, indeed, even present at the gathering.
It is my intention to gather up interested parties and have a bit of a chat, as well as mingling to discuss with anyone who just wants to raise a point or two. So please, do consider taking a few moments to think on the issue, as it would be lovely to know a little more before the actual event.
I don't anticipate lengthy debates about the details of the treaty, just brief conversations about issues to raise and who's interested in participating in different capacities.
Bodhisattva Aurelia

September 2015

Sat 05 Sep 15 19:30 - Sat 05 Sep 15 22:30

To the Free Lost of London,

As the position of Librarian is up for election again this month, I would like to host a gathering to discuss the past few months since the Storm.

As Librarian, it is my job to accumulate all the combined knowledge of the Barony of London, so what I am proposing is this: Despite being a member of the Autumn Court, I do not wish to appear as a Librarian who hoards knowledge and keeps it secret. As such, all records currently kept by the New library will be available for all to peruse, debate, and investigate. In return, this would be a perfect opportunity for anything new to be brought to light, so if you know anything, or have found anything not currently known by the Library, I urge you to bring it to the gathering to share.

Thank you,
Librarian of London

OOC: Please try to remember any props you may have been given over the past few months as this is a chance to do some plot sharing and for other players to see things they may have missed.

August 2015

Sat 01 Aug 15 19:30 - Sat 01 Aug 15 22:30
Free Lost of London,
Summer's been here a while now, and usually the Marshall hosts at least one gathering, so I guess I'd better step up. The Garrison at Phoenix Wharf in Wapping is big enough - hell, we've even got some sofas. Might not be as grand as Rochester House, but I'm sure we'll cope.
Visitors from elsewhere welcome as ever. 

January 2015

Sat 04 Jul 15 19:30 - Sat 04 Jul 15 22:30
To the Free Lost of the Barony of London,
Baron Benjamin Winthrop invites you all to an informal gathering at his residence, Rochester House in Hampstead, this Saturday the 4th July.
Visitors from other baronies and freeholds are also welcome to attend.
Please direct any queries to myself.
Secretary Drummond
Private Secretary to Baron Winthrop
Sat 06 Jun 15 19:30 - Sat 06 Jun 15 22:30