London Awakening game sessions


February 2018

Sat 03 Feb 18 12:15 - Sat 03 Feb 18 15:15

January 2018

Sat 06 Jan 18 12:15 - Sat 06 Jan 18 15:15


December 2017

Sat 02 Dec 17 12:15 - Sat 02 Dec 17 15:15

November 2018

Sat 04 Nov 17 12:15 - Sat 04 Nov 17 15:15

August 2017

Sat 05 Aug 17 12:15 - Sat 05 Aug 17 15:15

July 2017

Sat 01 Jul 17 12:15 - Sat 01 Jul 17 15:15

June 2017

Sat 03 Jun 17 12:15 - Sat 03 Jun 17 15:15

May 2017

Sat 06 May 17 12:15 - Sat 06 May 17 15:15

April 2017

Sat 01 Apr 17 12:15 - Sat 01 Apr 17 15:15

March 2017

Sun 19 Mar 17 11:15 - Sun 19 Mar 17 14:15

February 2017

Sat 04 Feb 17 12:15 - Sat 04 Feb 17 15:15

January 2017

Sat 07 Jan 17 12:15 - Sat 07 Jan 17 15:15


December 2016

Sat 03 Dec 16 12:15 - Sat 03 Dec 16 15:15

November 2016

Sat 05 Nov 16 12:15 - Sat 05 Nov 16 15:15

October 2016

Sat 01 Oct 16 12:15 - Sat 01 Oct 16 15:15

September 2016

Sat 03 Sep 16 12:15 - Sat 03 Sep 16 15:15

You are invited to the monthly gathering of the London Consilium to discuss the ongoing issues facing London and its residents.

August 2016

Sun 14 Aug 16 11:15 - Sun 14 Aug 16 14:15

July 2016

Sat 02 Jul 16 12:15 - Sat 02 Jul 16 15:15

June 2016

Sat 04 Jun 16 12:15 - Sat 04 Jun 16 15:15

May 2016

Sat 30 Apr 16 12:15 - Sat 30 Apr 16 15:15

Good evening,


You may recall at our last gathering that I shared what I have learned of the Seers of the Throne in London and a number of us have acted upon that.

It seems that our actions have been taken note of and as such it seems that we have been invited to a meeting with one Joanne Potter, a Justice of the court of this land of ours. Suffice it to say, while I do think we should attend, I think a little discussion beforehand would be well on our part.

Naturally I intend to see to it that should any meeting take place it shall take place in a public spot where no one will get any clever ideas and we can all talk in a civilised fashion.

As such, if we can meet at the same place as our earlier gathering we can talk this out and see how we wish to proceed.




Hierarch of London


April 2016

Sat 02 Apr 16 12:15 - Sat 02 Apr 16 15:15

January 2016

Fri 04 Mar 16 12:15 - Fri 04 Mar 16 15:15

Good evening,


As many of you will know by now, I have recently become Hierarch of London. 

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by competent and enthusiastic individuals whom I am sure will be of great help in solving some of the problems we have encountered and driving us forwards to something greater.

Of course, there are many of you I have not met and as such I’d like to take this month to extend my hand to you once more, meet those of you who were not present at the last gathering and set out some of my agenda for how I would like to see things progress. 

Oh, there will be an open bar as well. 

I hope to see you next Saturday. 



Hierarch of London  

(Silver Ladder 4, London 3)

January 2016

Sat 06 Feb 16 12:00 - Sat 06 Feb 16 15:00
Awakened of London (residents and visitors),
I have a suggestion. There seem to be a few of us floating around out there, cabal-less and fancy-free. Now, while I don't want to judge your lifestyle choices, there's a lot to be said for the safety, security and political stability of a cabal.
I also think there are several cabals out there who would happily welcome new members. I'm sure there are good matches to be made. So, I have a proposal: Cabal Speed Dating.
This is for residents and visitors alike. There's no reason you have to be part of the London Consilium to participate, and we're quite happy to serve as a meeting place for those looking to join, or add to, cabals outside the city.
So let's get together. I've got a great place hired, very industrial chic (it might look like a shed, but believe me that is so in right now).
Cabals: think about what you might want in a new member. 
Solitaries: think about what you might be looking for in a cabal.
Then let's set the clock, and let the matchmaking begin.
Hey, it's all fated to turn out well, I'm sure. Trust me, I'm Acanthus, we know these things.


Cronus of the Silver Ladder


January 2015

Sat 05 Dec 15 12:15 - Sat 05 Dec 15 15:15
Fellow Awakened of London, it's with a heavy heart that I announce that Sir James, our Hierarch, has been murdered. We do not know yet which of our many enemies committed this heinous crime, other than they were Magi, but rest assured the culprits will face justice. However, the Council has declared no unauthorised investigations of the crime, so those of you who wish to assist in this endeavour should contact your Provost first.
Additionally, Sir James willed the Lidded Eye Of The Dragon to me and I have decided to reveal some of it's nature. The primary purpose of the Eye is to fend of enemy divination of all kinds, but it has it's limits. One of these limits is it becomes less effective if the recipient knows of it, which is why Sir James kept its nature a secret. However, another weakness is that it can't protect those who attract undue attention to themselves is why I'm revealing this now, as some protection is better than none. As such, Nes is beyond help from the Eye, though it is fortunate that it is unlikely he'll attract the Seers attention anyway. However, he could endanger others, so I suggest is Cabal takes extra caution. Especially in this trying time.
That is all for now, my fellows, but I'll bring further announcement as they come. Until then, I am,
Herald of London,
Climber of the Silver Ladder,
Walker of the Thistle Path.



January 2014

Fri 06 Nov 15 12:15 - Fri 06 Nov 15 15:15
A Word from Sir James, Hierarch of London
"My Dear Fellow Mages,
"I have failed you. My faith in you all, as fellow bearers of the Enlightened Will, has been proven false far too many times now. So I and my colleagues will have to take a greater role in guiding you through the darkness of the Fallen World.
"I know some of you have been seeking just this. But I also know that I greater number of you will rage against this "Tyranny" of the Wise. However, it needs to be done, if there is to be any hope for this fair city.
"Therefore, on our next gathering, we'll be discussing proper conduct for those of our burden, including many unsaid rules and assumptions that I, in my misguided faith, assumed where obviously.
"One such rule is thus; don't bring anything with a Supernal connection to the enemy into the Sanctum Sancturium. Some of the wards are subtle and delicate, thus easily broken by such Wilful acts. Because of one such act I must repair some of the wards during the first part of the meeting, though hopefully I'll be joining you later.
"So until then, I am,
"Sir James,
"Hierarch of the Consillium of London,
"Climber of the Silver Ladder,
"Walker of the Path of the Scourged."
OOC: For those who are allergic to pseudo-flowery BS, basically there will be a greater Council presence at the next game and they'll properly acting as authority. Standard away mission are still available for those who wish to chase them.

January 2015

Sat 03 Oct 15 12:15 - Sat 03 Oct 15 15:15
Forward from the Garretts:
"So it appears that Michaela incompetence has finally caused the Consillium some potential problems, in the form of Hunters attracted by the violence. So far only Vampires have been targeted, but it's too much to hope for that they're picking killers. So if any of you have any kind of criminal ties, be extra careful in your dealings.
"Caleb Garrett, Silver Ladder and Sentinel of London."
And now, the actual Premise:
"Fellow Awakened of London, I regret to inform you that a conflict of interest has arisen and I will not be your host on our next gathering. However, my Sanctum is available as always and it Guardian, Wong, will of course be available if need be. Just call him as desired.
"But now onto the why for the gathering. In addition to the usual reasons, our esteemed Hakim believes he has ascertained a method to reverse the taint of the C. The ritual will require a member of each Path, adept in one of their key arts to perform, so Hakim would like some volunteers. Mana for this endeavour, if needed, will be provided. Just call for Wong.
"Now, for those who wish to help, Hakim requires a Thyrsus adept of the Vulgar Art, a Mastigos Adept of the Subtle Art, a Moros Adept of the Subtle Art and finally an Acanthus Adept at both Arts preferably, but just one will do if necessary. Hakim will inform those engaged in this endeavour of the details.
"So until next time, I am your friend,
"Dr Drechslr,
"Herald of the London Consillium,
"Walker of the Thistle Path,
"Climber of the Silver Ladder."
OOC Part.
So yeah, ritual to cure the kid of Abyssal Taint. And maybe other stuff. So see you at the game.

January 2015

Sat 05 Sep 15 12:15 - Sat 05 Sep 15 15:15

Mages of the Consillium of London, 

The Equinox grows near. The time of year to set our laws in stone again draws close.
At our next gathering, we will honour the tenet of Gold Law that we hold in London, and gather together for our yearly debate on the Lex of the Consillium of London. 
As it is written, so it is done.
"At the Autumn Equinox, the Dragons must unite to set the Silver lines that guide the enlightened through the darkness of winter."
"On this day the dragons stand equal, and once set in Silver all dragons have until the sun sets on the Winter Solstice to change the lines of molten Silver before they become solid again until the following Autumn Equinox"
In layman's speak - we gather and reassess our Silver Law. New motions can be put forwards, new laws established etcetera etcetera, 
We look forwards to seeing you all in attendance this coming weekend.
As ever, we remain
The Upper Council

August 2015

Sat 01 Aug 15 12:15 - Sat 01 Aug 15 15:15
Greetings to the Lower Council,
After the little incident with the Hax letters, I've been working tirelessly to create a new Sanctum Sanctorium for you all to gather. And I am please to say that I have finally succeeded in this endeavour. And not to soon, for our fine Consillium is being visited by not one but two sets of ambassadors.
The first consist of a small group of the local Will Workers and concerns matters for the Higher Council to attend. However, the second is from further afield, Iberia to be precise, and have come at the behest of one of you. Therefore, Archon of the Atlantean Phoenixes cabal will be left in your capable hands.
Finally, I of course will be in attendance, representing the Will of the Higher Council. And one particular aspect of this Will I wish to express is to hear of what progress the Lower Council has made towards the Consillium's goals. So come, all who seek the Supernal Truth, follow the Path I have set for you, for I am, as ever
Dr Drechsler,
Herald of London,
Climber of the Silver Ladder,
Walker of the Path of Ecstasy.
OOC Section
Hi guys,
A quick request this time. I have lost track of everyone's cabals, so could all London players please let me know the name of their cabals and who are the members.
Apart from that I'll hopefully see you all at the next game. Unless you have any questions, in which case don't hesitate to ask.

January 2015

Sat 04 Jul 15 12:15 - Sat 04 Jul 15 15:15

Well my friends, it appears we are having a serious problem. As such, though I normally have a hands off approach, I may have to have a little word with some of you. Or at least provide you some admin support. So let's play things by ear.


Anyway, please attend the chosen location of my Cabal mates at the designated time. Oh, and follow all standard protocols, of course.


Your friend,






So the next game will be at the same IC location as the last one, Red Lion pub in Bexleyheath, except that it's being called by the Prime Sentinel himself. And again, if I've forgotten to send this to someone, then please forward it for me.


Thanks, and I'll see you all next month,



Sat 06 Jun 15 12:15 - Sat 06 Jun 15 15:15