Manchester Requiem game sessions


July 2016

Sat 09 Jul 16 19:00 - Sat 09 Jul 16 21:00

June 2016

Sat 18 Jun 16 19:00 - Sat 18 Jun 16 22:00

May 2016

Sat 14 May 16 19:00 - Sat 14 May 16 22:00

June 2016

Sat 09 Apr 16 19:00 - Sat 09 Apr 16 22:00

March 2016

Sat 12 Mar 16 19:00 - Sat 12 Mar 16 22:00

February 2016

Sat 13 Feb 16 19:00 - Sat 13 Feb 16 22:00


February 2015

Sat 13 Feb 16 19:00 - Sat 13 Feb 16 22:00

This invite arrives by the usual means.

Kindred of Manchester,

I invite you to celebrate the Feast of Saint Valentine at the Hawthorn Estate on Saturday 13th February.

Celebrated by many, those of faith and those not, it has evolved from a simple act to the modern gift exchange between lovers we know today. It is perhaps not for all of us to celebrate in this manner today, thus I believe that there is another evolution we can inspire.

Come together on this evening and celebrate with us the achievements we have each made in our lives, the skills and talents we possess.

Formal dress is requested.

Harper Avery

January 2016

Sat 09 Jan 16 19:00 - Sat 09 Jan 16 22:00


[[The following letter makes its way to you by your usual means for receiving such things, be they post or carrier pigeon.]]

Coucou Mesdames et Messieurs,

My name is Yvette Rousseau and I’m new to your lovely domain. I know this is possibly a little unprecedented but I would really like to meet you all and also offer some hospitality at the same time. As such, I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you all to my haven on the night of the 9th of January. You may think of it as a sort of New Year’s party and a housewarming.

As I am of the Invictus I will not insult you by saying that I will provide drinks for you all, so if it is your pleasure you may bring beverages or herd with you to partake in during the evening. I only ask that you take your containers with you at the end of the night, be them glass or flesh, and that no breakages of them occur on the premises. 
It will be an evening to remember the year that has passed since the end of the war that the Kindred endured, and a chance to talk about your plans and goals for the year ahead. You may wish to remember fallen kindred from the previous year, or you may share stories of your exploits. I am sure that the domain of Manchester has had an eventful year.

Naturally, I know some of you will be wary of an invite from a stranger, and if any of you wish to correspond with me or even meet me prior to the gathering on the 9th of January the enclosed address for the venue is also my haven. I will be more than happy to receive guests who give at least a day’s written notice or a letter should you not wish to visit in person.

I hope to meet you all soon,
Madame Yvette Rousseau of the First Estate of Toulon.

If you wish to send a letter and/or soft RP a meeting scene with Yvette, send an email to wiz66(at)hotmail(dot)com with “Requiem” somewhere in the subject line so I know it’s relevant if it accidently filters into my junk mail (stupid Hotmail).

The game will be held at Sacred Trinity Church, Salford at 7pm on Saturday 9th January 2016. The game will cost £2. Anyone who wishes to bring (alcohol free) lacrama style drinks is more than welcome. A description of the venue will be given prior to time in.
Lucy Lloyd UK1111-2230 (I think...)

December 2015

Sat 12 Dec 15 19:00 - Sat 12 Dec 15 22:00

Fellow Kindred of the British Isles,


You are cordially invited to the formal presentation of my Childe, Miss Cressida Price, on the evening of Saturday, 12th December at 7pm at The Midland Hotel, Manchester.


Refreshments will be provided. I will be presenting Miss Price to the gathering and then leaving her to entertain you herself as her first test.


I look forward to seeing you there.


Mr Louis Wilmot-Smythe,

Twilight Dragon,

Initiate of the Sanguine Curse,

Kogaion of the Chapter House of Bradford.


January 2014

Sat 08 Aug 15 19:00 - Sat 08 Aug 15 22:00