Lost and Requiem Weekender (Places are limited)

Location: Cumbria

Dates: 3rd - 5th March 2017

Pre-Registration Opens: 1st January 2017

Pre-Registration Closes: 23rd February 2018

YHA Langdale

A magical place to stay – this sprawling Victorian mansion is steeped in history and perched above its own three tier arboretum that’s managed by the National Trust. Its labyrinthine corridors and ornate grandeur captivate most guests. Langdale’s enviable location is unmatched with stunning views including the Langdale Pikes, Loughrigg Fell and rolling views all the way down to Lake Windermere and Bowness. This is a Youth Hostel from which the central fells can be explored and enjoyed immediately upon stepping through the front door.

Tickets available

  • Early release player ticket (for crew and STs of the FS weekender)
  • £ 56.00
  • 3 / 4
  • Player ticket: to play both requiem and lost games. Only for either crew or STs of the FS weekender. 

  • ST Ticket
  • £ 36.00
  • 4 / 5
  • For those who are STing one or more games at this weekender

  • Crew
  • £ 36.00
  • 1 / 5
  • For those crewing one or more full games at this weekender. 

  • Player Ticket
  • £ 56.00
  • 17 / 30

Requiem Premise

(just as you prefer)
After an unwelcome hiatus owing to the recent unpleasantness
We are proud to announce
By Custom Immemorial 
The Triumphant Return of the 
Featuring a spectacular FAIR thrown by the Nomads
As a mark of appreciation to our civilised compatriots
Hear Thrilling Tales!
Savour Exotic Delicacies!
Witness Spectacular Feats!
Purchase Historical Relics!
Experience Bold New Sensations!
Win Fabulous Prizes!
Three nights of Music, Mayhem and Magic
The Infamous Nocturnal Orchestra!
At Elterwater Manor, Elterwater
March 3rd 2017


Ladies and Gentlemen, Lost of all Courts and None


If you’ve received this invitation, then I am jealous, for I am about to offer you an opportunity that might be never be forgotten.


I have for many years stood in guardianship of my beloved sister, who long before war came to these shores, and even before the ink had dried on your Treaty of Ely, fell into a long slumber. I have kept my vigil ever since, waiting for the day when she might awaken, for you see she suffers from a powerful curse - a single prick, a drop of blood, I think we all know how the story of the sleeping beauty goes.


But now the time draws close, the portents are right, the air is blessed with a new sweetness and I feel the coming of spring in this winter of my heart.


Let us celebrate with a party.


Not just any party would satisfy such an occasion; this shall be a Spring Revel, the kind you’ve always secretly longed for. You can laugh and dance with me as we banish the sorrow from our hearts. I shall personally attempt to fulfil the desire of any who visit me and feast with me upon this day.


In addition I shall share with you the wisdom of my years. There will be tales, poems and theatre passed to me in years long forgotten, perhaps you will find in them some little secrets to take home, for the past is another country, and gathered with cobwebs and thorns, it is ready to be re-awoken.


So forget your fears, throw off your sorrows, leave your anger at the door and embrace your joys and desires with me.



Please indicate your desire on the included reply slip.


Elterwater Manor, Elterwater

4th March 2017

Ancient Eleutherios


Lost OOC: This is just the initial communication, you will be receiving additional information via the court boards soon.

When you do or if you've already signed up for the weekender, please send
 lost.gst@islesofdarkness.com a brief summary of one desire your character would like fulfilled. Disclaimer: Not all desires can satisfactorily be fulfilled by the host of the party, though we will try to do something for everybody regardless. Please mark this email "Desire - {your characters name}" So I can find it easily.

Further Info

[Dual weekender]
Some further info on the dual weekender.
Food/Drink - the weekender will be SC. There is a Tesco and Asda a few miles away. You can bring you own alcohol.
Rooms- Most rooms are small 4-6 people so when I send the questionnaire out please indicate who you are happy sharing with.
Parking- there is parking. Lanes are narrow and steep so give yourself plenty of time. I wouldn't recommend arriving in the dark but will endeavor to put some lights out to make the venue more visible. It is accessed by passing some other smaller buildings, so as long as you are in Langdale, and its a YHA you are at the right place.


Venue opens at 6
Requiem time in 8 till 12

Lost 10-2
Xgenre 3-7
Requiem 9-1

Lost 10-2
Leave site around 2:30