Requiem Weekender

Location: Yorkshire

Dates: 6th - 8th May 2016

YHA Beverley Friary


On the 11th to 13th May, Isles of Darkness will be running this year’s joint Lost and Requiem Weekender. 


Set in the heart of the beautiful East Yorkshire market town of Beverley, this former Dominican Friary, now fully refurbished as a Youtstel has a rich six hundred year old history that is clearly evident within its walls and grounds.


Catering will be provided by Reb Kennedy and Amy Goldstraw. Provisional menu below - dietary needs can be catered for wiith advanced notice:

Friday Night - Veg/Meat soup with Bread. Still deliberating over the meat but might do a beef and tomato/Tomato soup

Sat Morning - Cloud Eggs with/out Bacon or Vegan Granola

Sat Lunch - Pea Fritters/Potato Cakes

Sat Dinner - Family Style Meal : Vegan Chilli with Optional Sourcream and Pulled Pork, Reb and Amy Style MAC and Cheese and Vegan salad side selection

Sun Breakfast - Bacon/Egg Rolls or Vegan Granola

Sun Lunch - Potato and Onion Hash with Whatever we still have Leftover from the weekend!



The YHA is situated a stone's throw away from the new Flemingate Shopping Centre.


Booking in to the site is from 5pm On the 11th March and booking out is no later than 4pm Sunday 13th March. 

Running order for the games is as follows:


  • Friday: 8pm-12am - Requiem
  • Saturday: 10am-2pm - Lost
  • Saturday: 3:30pm-8pm – Lost & Requiem
  • Saturday: 9pm-12:30am - Requiem
  • Sunday: 10am-1:30pm - Lost


The Weekenders have been designed to bring together Isles of Darkness a allow everyone to experience an extension of their own games whilst giving the opportunity to intermingle with others across the breadth of the United Kingdom. 


We are also looking to make the Weekenders more affordable do please look at the discounts we have on offer.  


  • £10 per game crewed up to a maximum of £30. 



If the ticket type you want is not available, please email to request have it added.


Tickets available

Requiem Weekender Premise

[The following three communications are sent from York.  The first two on behalf of the two applicant domains, the final one as York.  Note that the Kindred of Grimsby and Scunthorpe do not have access to this list, since we have promised that actual and potential antagonists will not be able to spy on national PC communications.] 

From Grimsby
The Boddhisatocracy of Grimsby would like to invite any Kindred, signatories of the Treaty of Aurelia or otherwise, to attend a Golconda Outreach event on the evening of Thursday 5th May.  Bodhisattva Pranadhupa will be explaining the benefits of an enlightened position and the path to Golconda.
Later, on the evening of Saturday 7th May we will host a discussion of faith and beliefs held by any Kindred who wish to talk on the subject.
From Scunthorpe
The Domain of Scunthorpe will be holding a formal court event onFriday 6th May, letting visitors experience the cultural heights of the domain and how we have managed to free ourselves of the drudgery of subsistence hunting, freeing ourselves for the greater pursuits of science and art.
On Sunday 8th May there will be an Exposition, which our guests are invited to participate in.
From York
The Domain of York, as the nearest Aurelian signatory to both other Domains, has offered its Elysium on Monday 9th May as a neutral location for any final discussions, negotiations and potential signing of the Treaty.
[OOC:  These are the slightly more detailed premises for the individual slots of the Weekender.  Unlike the other Genres, we do not have the luxury of running the games in real time.  Therefore, we have assigned each slot to a different day around the weekend.  These are how we plan to have the dates match up.
IC Thursday 5th May will take place during the Friday evening slot
Friday 6th May will be the Saturday morning slot
Saturday 7th May will be the Saturday afternoon slot.
Sunday 8th May will be the Saturday evening slot.
Monday 9th May will be the Sunday morning slot.
If this could cause continuity issues with local games, please contact us ASAP, so that we can reach a solution.]