National 2019

Location: Coventry

Dates: 1st - 3rd November 2019

Pre-Registration Opens: 16th September 2019

Pre-Registration Closes: 26th October 2019

Alfrey Activity Centre

We are the county of Warwickshire's Scouts offical campsite. The Alfrey Activity Centre Broadwater is situated in the heart of the country, close to the M42 and A45. 

Our address is Alfrey Activity Centre Broadwater, Maxstoke Lane, Meriden, Warwickshire CV7 7HR.

The site is 6 acres consists of open fields, buildings and a small section of woodland. For those who can be quiet, there is ample opportunity for photographs and nature study.

The deer who use to roam the site are now kept away since a fence was erected but for those of you who are quiet and patient they can still be seen close to the site.

We have access to the whole site, apart from the activities. This means we have the following accomodation blocks, as well as a couple of other meeting places.

Alfrey Lodge, Aylesford, Skip's Retreat.

This event is self-catered, and while there will be cooking equipment, you must bring you own eating utensils (cup, mug, bowl, plate, knife, fork spoon) You must also bring your own tea towel and washing up liquid. 

Please bring your own bedding, and be aware that mobile phone signal is not guaranteed. 

November '19 Game Running Order
9.00 am Lost
12.00 pm Lunch
13.00 pm Forsaken
16.00 pm afternoon break

16.30 pm Lost part deux
19.30pm Evening break
20.30 - 23.30pm Forsaken


10am -1pm Awakening


Tickets available

  • Player
  • £ 40.00
  • 8 / 25
  • Plays all games

  • Crew
  • £ 20.00
  • Sold Out
  • Crews all games

  • Play 1, Crew 4
  • £ 25.00
  • 1 / 3
  • Play 4, Crew 1
  • £ 35.00
  • Sold Out
  • Play 2 or 3
  • £ 30.00
  • 14 / 15