Winter National 2016

Location: Keighley, West Yorkshire

Dates: 19th - 22nd February 2016

Pre-Registration Opens: 27th November 2015

Pre-Registration Closes: 12th February 2016

Haworth YHA

Full Board

YHA Haworth is a Victorian Gothic Mansion that was built as the family home of a local mill owner. It overlooks the Worth Valley and the famous Bronte village. Inside the building the sweeping staircase, ornate painted glass, richly carved oak and plaster friezes hint at the building’s opulent past. 

YHA Haworth has a variety of excellent facilities which will make for an enjoyable break. These include conference facilities, extensive grounds and a restaurant. There is a good sized drying room for hanging wet clothes and storing muddy boots.

There are a rang of room sizes available so please ask and indicate who you would be happy to share with. 


Tickets available

Schedule and Food Timetable

Access to site is from 5:30pm onwards. 
Dinner 6-7pm
Friday night - 8pm-12am: Requiem
BF - 7:30am-9am

Saturday morning - 10am-2pm - Awakening

Lunch - Packed lunches that can be collected at any point
Saturday afternoon - 3:15pm-7:15pm - Forsaken

Dinner 7:30pm
Saturday evening - 8:30pm-12:30am - Lost

BF - 7:30am-9am
Sunday morning - 10am-2pm - Lost

Lunch - Packed lunches that can be collected at any point
Sunday afternoon - 3:15pm-7:15pm - Requiem

Dinner 7:30pm
Sunday evening - 8:30pm-12:30am - Awakening

BF - 7:30am-9am
Monday morning - 10.30-1.30 Forsaken

Requiem Game Premises

Friday Night:

The Steyning Raid of February 21st 1876 saw the downfall of Whistling Bill, the dastardly leader of Belial’s Brood, and the subsequent arrest and destruction of infernal sympathisers throughout the country at the hands of the gallant members of OUR Royal Court. This being the fourth decennial Triumph since that glorious event, WE are proud to present a memorial to the domain of Portsmouth for their part in bringing about this victory.

Once more WE shall honour the heroes of OUR Kindgom, and celebrate the unity of the Kindred in these Sceptred Isles.

F. II R.
Sunday Afternoon

Friends, we have had little enough to celebrate this last decade or more but it now seems that peace has managed to take hold throughout the country.  I was reminded by a diary that the fourteenth decenial of the Steyning Raid is coming soon, so decided that this was a suitable reason to celebrate.

I would like to invite all kindred of Britain to a celebration of the defeat of Whistling Bill and Belial’s Brood.  This will take place in my Domain of Middlesbrough on the 21st day of February, 2016.  There will be refreshments and a display of art.

Prince Sir Darcy Beck


OC: This is the premise for the February Mage National. if you play a diamond PC you’ll get the first, a FC one the second. As we don’t have access to all the Order Lists, please pretend that you don’t see the one you’re not privileged to IC.

Both games have the same premise and one will lead into the other. Any further research into the area should be emailed to Kat R (kreid318 (At) and Adam (adam.ottaway (at) and copy in the GST account.

Also questions:

- Are you willing to NPC or ST? Please fill in the pre-reg questionnaire and let us know! If you're willing to ST, please email Adam and Kat so we can tag you into the plot docs.

- Do you want an Order meeting? These are non-compulsory, but we are happy to run them if you want them.

- Do you have any FC connections, or are following the Omega National Plot? If so, email us.

- As an ST if you want lead in for your local games, email us as well!

Background Info for Liverpool:

To the Diamond Orders:

The Free Council are continuing their attempts to usurp power within the Consilium of Liverpool. They have attacked Diamond assets and are destabilising the Hub of Transport that Liverpool represents for our populace. We seek aid in negotiating this issue, also with some other problems we appear to be having. 


Carnival of Light


To the Freak Outs of Britain

We took this City when the Diamond abandoned it. We fought off Seers. We rebuilt Industry.  We inspired Culture. And now we’ve regenerated Liverpool the Diamond think they can swan back in and claim our hard work for themselves? Like fuck they can.

Don’t listen to their lies about the transport network either - they’ve staged that to give their claims legitimacy. We’ll stand with them against the Seers, fuck yes, but we won’t let them disrespect us.

Stand with us in Liverpool and let the Assembly Flourish. We’ll show them what a little Critical Thinking can do.

Pankhurst - The People United
Trojan - Anarkist’s Kitchin
Epstein - DanceDanceRevolution
Brownstone - Urban Redevelopment Committee
Liverpool Assembly

Link to premise doc (shows the above):

Event Specific Rules/Notes


This is fine. Please drink responsibly


There will not be a bonfire at this National. There will be a fire in one or more rooms. If you are sensitive to smoke please bring appropriate medication.

IC areas

Please limit IC actions/scenes to either indoors, or specific ST led scenes at the BACK of the house. The front of the house/car park is overlooked. Please do not loiter /conduct large noisy scenes here. If you costume is particularly spectacular please also take that into consideration. This may change on the day so please pay attention to announcements.


Please identify the appropriate smoking area and smoke there. There is no smoking at all inside the venue.

Liquids/makeup- please keep to a minimum

Sensible levels of makeup/fake blood are fine. If not dry on your skin please keep liquids in sealed containers or bowls/tip resistant container. Anything larger than a bowl of blood is not permitted. Please remember this is a historical hostel and most of the features are original. Please enjoy yourselves but look after the venue- we may wish to go there again!

This limitation does not include food, although if you make a mess please clear up after yourselves


This event is fully catered


Forsaken Premises

1st Game 

[The Death of K’aarth Ungrol]

My name is Dreams of Dirt and Doubt, I am contacting you on behalf of my pack, Dust and Ashes. You’ll have to excuse our names, we’re not morbid sorts, well not really. We’re just somewhat fascinated with the past and so our deed names tend to reflect that. Sorry again, I’ve got this awful habit of babbling, even when typing it seems, too much going on in my brain obviously.


I have a story to tell you, if you’ll do me the courtesy of reading this. It’s a story I heard a few years back and we’ve been looking into it ever since. Oh, by a few years back I mean like, a decade or so. Basically as far as our research can tell, this story refers to a time period a few thousand years after the fall of Pangea. You know, the kind of time where everything was still new as these things were reckoned and very little had time to settle as the world was a much stranger place than it is now…


Here goes.


The Death of K’aarth Ungrol

It is said that they came across the seas when the world broke, fleeing across the boiling waters as the land broke and the heavens rained down. Fleeing, some said, the echoes of the Father’s death-howl so that they might not hear it, so that the dream of pangea might live on within them.

Five of them, one for each of the Mother’s faces.

They came seeking a refuge, a land that they might claim as their own and here they found it. Some great shard of heaven, thrown loose when the world was shattered, scattered to the wind and coming to rest within the earth.

It was a place of power.

It was a place where time flowed differently and the dreams of men could be shaped if one had the will to do so.

The dreams of men…

Or the dreams of wolves…

The Five took this place, held it.

They bred and their children bred and their children's children lived to do likewise and soon the shard of heaven teemed with the howling of the wolves.

But it was not enough.

The children of the five grew restless, they hungered for more than just hope. So they looked out of the crack that separated the shard where dreams had built their city and began to think of fire and weapons.

And so it went.

So it went.

One would hold the blessed shard the other four would range forth and make their war upon the lands of men.

Further and further each time.

Bringing back riches, slaves, knowledge and so much more.

But this was wealth brought with blood and for such greed, there is always a price.

In the city of hope and dreams, it started with a whisper.

‘Deepen your dreams, think of what lives in the dark beyond their light... For soon you shall need it…”

Out on the blood soaked plains it was a debate.

The humans grow numerous, they must be culled and controlled. The humans have great riches, take what is theirs…

In the city of hope and dreams, the castellan upon his throne, listened.

Upon the bloody plains, the four wolves became dragons.

They did not return to the city, instead they bred and multiplied and sought to consume all they could before turning upon the city, looking upon their former home with the eyes of conquerors.

But the fifth had not been idle either.

So brother fought brother, sister fought sister and once more the heavens shook.

The castellan had prepared well but the fight was uneven and eventually the dragons poured into the shard seeking to claim it for their own.

When the power of dreams was not enough to repel them, the castellan listened once more and so he turned to the power nightmares.

Blinded by the pain of betrayal, too late he realised.

Too late.

For the Death had come to K’aarth Ungrol…

Where once men had looked upon the crack in the earth that lead to the shard of heaven with envious eyes, now they turned from it.

The world turned its back on K’aarth Ungrol…

And so the Castellan vowed to undo the evil he had wrought in that one moment by sealing the gates to the shard and seeing to it that none of the dragons emerged to trouble the world once more.


Pretty intense huh?

Well, to cut a long story short, we’ve found the entrance to this place and we’ve totally been in, well, a little way anyway…

Based on some research that totally wasn’t arcane blood divination or anything, honest. We think that the way in opens every few lunar cycles, something to do with the shifting of what I suppose you could call supernatural tectonic plates or something similar. It’s all very complex anyway…

But, suffice it to say, we have a window in which we can go and poke around and see what we can learn.


Couple of things.

When the story refers to a city, it means it.

We don’t know what made the wolves dragons, but we kind of thing we should find out.

Yes, it’s probably dangerous.

Yes, there is probably loot.

If you’re game, come meet us at these coordinates xx xx xx xx.

See ya!

Dreams of Dirt and Doubt
Dust and Ashes


OOC: K’aarth Ungrol translates from First Tongue as something like ‘Last Bright Hope’.

This is also the premise for the first game of the February national. This will be an exploration/archeology themed game with the chance for combat


2nd Game 

[Message from the Machinists]
We have had a request from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous, we’d not normally do this but I am sure once you read it you will understand why.

- The Machinists.  


For generations the Wetherbys and the Millers have fought.

Our feud began over the rights to a mill and has raged since time long past.

Our ancestors fought across history.

Our grand fathers and fathers fought more recently.

Then Harold came and his world was law, so our fighting ceased for a time.

Time enough for us to calm a little and for cooler heads to make talk of something other than open war.

But the king is dead and with him perhaps our peace.

There has been talk of a blood union between our families, something to make us one blood and end our fighting once and for all.

But with the death of the king the warlike talk has begun again.

I know my family won’t appreciate me reaching out like this…

But we need those cool heads back.

There’s a chance for us to become one family, maybe even a protectorate if we are able to keep our cool.

Of course there are those who want to stop this from happening…

But I can’t say too much more.

We’re meeting at our Tur (see attached map) on Monday the 22nd of February…

You should be there.

OOC: This is the premise for the Monday game of the February national. The message comes with a map pointing to an area near the northernmost point of the Lake District.

Lost premise

[Lost - National Premise Saturday Evening]

An advert carried by Radio Free Fae nationwide

The nights are long, the wind bites and the rain is bitterly cold.

So come and join us for a night of boasting and adventure around a roaring fireplace.

My name is Baron Garmr, high priest of the Twilight Minster. I and my followers stand on the brink of darkness, so we speak with the utmost authority on matters for heroes.

Come join us in a Boast - Munchausen rules, to the victor the spoils. I have an item that might interest you, seized from cold dead hands. In my youth I went on the greatest of hunts and claimed the Shield of Pellinore, and now fate has decreed that I must give it up.

I shall boast of the story for your entertainment if you like, for such is the way of the Boasting Barons of Munchausen. If you don't think you're up for a bit of boasting, then get out! 

I jest. If boasting alone does not interest you, then what about the chance for a new adventure?

Such a challenge awaits you in the halls of the Shadow Foundry in the Umbral Dale. My personal soothsayer, Fateblind Stryx tells me that I and my fellows are not the ones to undertake this quest and must leave it in the hands of the Seasons.

Our camp is not far away from the foundry, in a farmhouse just outside Summerbridge in the Nidderdale. We will be inviting the bravest, the wisest and the most cunning to step into its hallways and return its dusty hollows to working condition.

If that alone is not portentous enough to whet your appetite, then let us speak of dragons. The factory is currently claimed by Astakuk, from the brood of Hurstir the Blue. I'm sure by the end of the evening somebody will get to boast about how they challenged and bested the beast in a battle of wits or display of grandiose might.

What more could you ask for?