Want to explore a world of urban fantasy?

Where monsters really do go bump in the night?

In a world of shadows and corruption...

Isles of Darkness is a National Society of interlinked World of Darkness games. Our style ranges from Urban Fantasy to Supernatural Horror, and is primarily a Live Action game, but supported by a vivid and active online play component. We are a parlour LARP society, with a focus on rich, collaborative story-telling, social interactions and mystery.

The games are focused around the lives of Supernaturals, the denizens of this strange, dark mirror held up to our own world, and the humanity they must hide from. Our players take on the roles of Vampires, Werewolves, Mages and Changelings, and the action takes place across the country. Each supernatural group plays its own chronicle, but exists in the wider universe, so the actions of any character can ultimately change the fate of any other. We run local events once a month in a number of locations, and we also run a number of major events on a regular basis throughout the year.

Why the Isles of Darkness?

Now is a great time to join. We've just started a brand new chronicle, so new players can bring new ideas to the table and come in on the ground floor of the game as it were.

Create a character

Characters are created using the core World of Darkness rulebook, the appropriate core rulebook for the genre you are playing and can include rules from some of the additional sourcebooks. These rules are customised to suit a national game using addenda, which also tell you which rules are acceptable for play. Characters need to be accepted by the Storyteller (ST) of your local game, and some rare items might need approval from the lead ST for the genre.

Read about our rules and settings

If you are new to World of Darkness games, your Local Storyteller (LST) will be able to help you create a character to fit the games. Reading the setting documents and game stylesheets will give you an idea of the world you'll be playing in. If you have a concept for a character, let the LST know what it is, and they will help you turn that into a Player Character (PC).

Find your local game

Attend a game

The best way to get involved is to attend a game. You should contact the LST or Domain Coordinator (DC) of the game before attending - this will ensure you are expected and that you are able to participate fully.

Your first game is usually free (if the domain can support this).

Become a member

You can attend your first game without commitment, so if you are interested, please do get in touch with your local game to get started. If you aren't sure where to join, contact Member Services for advice.

We have several categories of membership:

Full membership

Cost: £12 per year

Benefits: As a full member, you can create characters in any local game and attend any game run by the society and access our online resources.

You can volunteer for any role in the society and have voting rights.

Free Trial membership

Cost: Free for six months

Benefits: Free trial members have the same benefits as Full members, except for voting rights.

Restrictions: Free trial memberships are only available to those who have not been a member of the society for two years or more, and can only be claimed once per chronicle.

Associate membership

Cost: £6 per year

Benefits: As an associate member, you are able to play our online games, and up to six live games (including at special events). You can volunteer for any role in the society which doesn't require a physical presence and have voting rights.

Volunteer-only membership

Cost: Free

Benefits: Volunteer members can volunteer for any role in the society, and is ideal if you only run games, or only want to attend events as an NPC.

Restrictions: You may not participate in any game as a player and do not earn any experience points for volunteering.